Heat output calculator

Need to know the heat output of a room? The Purmo heat calculator will do just that and help you find the right solution for the space in no time.


From hospitals to hotels, offices to private housing, residences and schools – our HVAC solutions and services are designed to deliver optimal comfort in a full range of applications.

Introducing Finimetal

Comfort delivered is our promise to all of our customers. To help everyone achieve sustainable indoor climate comfort, we are dedicated to delivering leading indoor climate solutions and services.

At Finimetal, we know indoors is the place we all grow, learn and excel – and heating and cooling systems play an important role in supporting modern living. We constantly strive to innovate indoor climate solutions that offer the highest levels of comfort and energy efficiency. Finimetal solutions are designed to contribute to better well-being, while reducing pressure on the world’s resources.

Let’s create the great indoors!