Hospital heating

In hospitals and medical centres, achieving an ideal indoor climate is not just a matter of ensuring comfort, but also hygiene.

In hospitals, nursing homes and medical practices heating solutions have a dual role: they must provide an ideal level of comfort and contribute to maintaining optimal hygiene. To ensure this it is crucial that hospital heating solutions are easy to clean, long lasting and energy efficient to operate.


Improved indoor environmental quality can reduce average time spent in hospitals by 11%.


In hospitals and other environments where the requirements for good hygiene are high, there are also solutions in the field of heat. Purmo offers two proven radiator solutions for hospital heating: Hygiene and Delta. Both are designed for easy cleaning, have no areas that cannot be accessed for cleaning and they offer fast reaction times to changes in heating demands, which contributes to good energy efficiency.

In addition to the prerequisite for energy efficient operation, hygiene is absolutely crucial in hospitals. Dr. Med. Uwe Frank from the University of Heidelberg (Department of Infectiology) has certified that the Purmo radiators Hygiene and Delta are fit for purpose in rooms requiring particularly high hygienic standards.

The critical aspects for choosing the right indoor climate heating system in hospitals are:

• Easy to clean
• No areas that cannot be accessed to clean
• Fast reaction to changed demands in heating
• Good ventilation


Dr Med. Uwe Frank from the University of Heidelberg (Department of Infectiology), has certified Purmo radiators as fit for rooms with particularly high demands for hygiene.